Today, many employers are “scanning” resumes into computer databases, enabling them to better match a potential employee’s skills and experience with their open jobs. To facilitate this, follow these tips:

  • Keep your resume up to date and active!
  • List the computer software you used on EACH JOB, not just in the summary!
  • Send your resume in Microsoft Word format.  This will enable us to highlight key criteria on your resume the clients are looking for!
  • Do not use graphics or background images.
  • Use a 12 point size font (Times New Roman or Arial are recommended.)
  • Use consistent type styles. Avoid italics, bold, underlining, and mixing fonts.
  • Place your name, address and phone number on the first three lines of the first page.
  • Try not to exceed 3 pages. Employers are most interested in your recent experience.
  • Gender, age, religious preferences, marital status, family status, and hobbies are not hiring criteria and are best left off of your resume.


It is the content of your resume that is important. Your resume must quickly convey your knowledge and capabilities. It should include the following information in a logical order:

  • Name, address and phone number(s).
  • Current title or position.
  • Summary of experience, include years of experience.
  • Education, degrees, GPA, year of graduation.
  • Employment history with brief description of work performed.
  • Training, any special skills and abilities, and job related expertise. (Example: computer, tools, etc.)
  • Industry and professional association memberships and professional registration(s).

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