Temporary staffing, or staff augmentation, is quickly becoming an every day part of efficient business practice. The old corporate theme of lifetime, permanent, full-time career employment is on the decline. Each day, over 2 million people in the United States go to work as “temps”. That’s more than 2% of the total workforce. This trend is dramatically changing how many of us work.

Reorganization, restructuring, and downsizing strategies (aimed at reducing costs, improving productivity, and enhancing competitiveness) call for minimal staffing levels. By utilizing contract labor, managers can respond to business fluctuations and changes on demand, have greater control of labor costs, and are able to minimize the trauma of massive layoffs.

In today’s competitive and increasingly global marketplace, smarter staffing is essential. Some of the most progressive companies now maintain core business staffs, then augment with contract workers during peak periods. Staffing specialists like SWDS are critical to the success of this new staffing trend. Through its contract professionals, SWDS provides employers with highly trained people, practical pricing, availability and flexibility. We begin by listening to your needs, then develop and deliver appropriate solutions to your staffing problems.

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