Familiarity with and utilizing department design and drafting standards. Recognizing and communicating project scope, specifications and design criteria upon assignment to a project task team. Recognizing and communicating scope and design changes promptly. Providing technical guidance to less experienced drafting personnel in the department. Producing mechanical and piping installation specifications with engineering review and approval. Complete understanding of the skills and experience required to perform design functions. Mentoring subordinates. Participating in Model reviews to insure coordination between the design disciplines. Checking calculations made by other designers to ensure accuracy, conformance to codes, specifications, design criteria and conformance to good engineering practice. Determining construction quantities and provide construction cost estimates. Work with design leaders from other disciplines in proportion to their technical skills and experience, then following up for support to ensure efficient progress and quality.


Knowledge and application of piping materials. Knowledge and application of piping supports and restraints. Flexibility analysis of piping system. Knowledge of manual valve sizing, use and application. Knowledge of good design practices for sizing all piping systems. Sizing of compressible fluid piping systems. Identification of need, application and specification of steam traps and liquid drainers. Identification of need, application and specification of safety valves and devices to maintain the mechanical integrity of piping systems. Selecting piping specialty items given the design criteria. Design of piping limited specific equipment and inline instrumentation arrangements such as pump suctions and discharges, tanks, control valve stations, etc. Familiarity with specifications and installation details of construction bulk materials and equipment. Ability to create accurate mechanical/piping installation documents from the information found on vendor equipment drawings. Knowledge and understanding of workflow/information flow between disciplines. Knowledge and understanding of schedule constraints and information requirements for the production of all mechanical/piping deliverables. Ability to accurately estimate completion of assigned tasks. Ability to develop mechanical/piping installation specifications with engineering review and approval. Working knowledge of 2D/3D AutoCAD. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Good communication skills, both verbal and written.